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Welcome to my website

Kurt Hossfeld is my name and I am a passionate leisure time photographer. On one hand my camera pursuit concentrates on taking pictures outdoors like landscape and wildlife but also architecture and on the other hand I am about to develop my studio work for mainly product photography. As nature and wildlife enthusiast I support different wildlife trust organizations. For instance I am a full member of GDT the well-known German Association of Nature Photographers ( Gesellschaft für Naturfotografie ). Take a tour through my galleries without any commercial advertisement and get influenced for your own new picture projects and outdoor activities. Besides I am part of the phototravellers team and therefore I highly recommend our website for more travel and photo inspiration.

All pictures are available for private use as free download. Regardless all pictures are under copyright protection. Particularly editing, cropping and/or publishing of my pictures is prohibited. For any kind of manipulation on my pictures you will require my signed written permission. Since I am participating in different photo contests, I have to be strict on copyright violations. One of my winner pictures can be seen on the popular fotoforum platform under ( fotoforum award Tiere 2022 ). However I do not pursue any financial business out of my photographic work until now.

Thank you for your time and attention. Any kind of advice or feedback is gratefully welcome and can be mailed to
Good luck on your photographic work and be creative!
Best wishes

Kurt Hossfeld